Maths Recovery is a powerful tool for professional development of teachers and teaching assistants. It will enable teachers to become specialists in children’s early mathematical development and equip them to support colleagues within the school community. Maths Recovery teachers have progressed to becoming mathematics leaders and Maths Recovery Trainers .

Maths Recovery training is for teachers and experienced teaching assistants, working together to establish a ‘learning team’ within the school.

Training is led by experienced Maths Recovery Consultants and Trainers, accredited by the Maths Recovery Council UK and Ireland.

No, Maths Recovery principles and practice can be applied to whole class teaching, group and paired work as well as one to one teaching.

As a member of Math Recovery, you are provided with access to the members’ areas on the website including:

  • Video clips on the use of key settings
  • Copies of articles we use on training,
  • Links to Video clips on YouTube,
  • Overviews of the new publications
  • Maths Recovery Course revisions and updates shared through membership
  • Handouts from conferences
  • Benefits include receiving a discount when attending Maths Recovery courses, workshops or conferences
  • More to come as we continue to build our online community.

A membership with Maths Recovery is £30 annually.

A current membership is required to access online resources from courses.

Please visit our website at http://www.mathsrecovery.org or contact mathsrecoveryuk20@gmail.com   to learn more. You may also visit us on Twitter and Facebook.

Maths Recovery courses can be provided to clusters of school or Local Authorities. A minimum of fifteen and a maximum of twenty delegates may attend a training course.

Most of the resources we use would be found in the majority of classrooms: digit cards, counters, dice, interlocking cubes, five and ten-frames, dice and domino spot pattern cards, place value cards, bundles of tens sticks/straws. In addition we use numeral tracks, numeral flips (covered numeral track), rekenreks (arithmetic racks), bead strings/ bead bars and screens for covering.

Maths Recovery principles and practice are suitable for all children to build a firm foundation of understanding and confidence in mathematics. It has applications to whole class, small group and individualised settings. Children who have difficulties in mathematics will particularly benefit from individualised assessment and teaching programmes.

Accreditation by the Maths Recovery Council UK and Ireland is optional, it requires attendance at an accredited Maths Recovery Intervention Specialist 8 day course and  the presentation of a portfolio which includes a case study and video evidence of a one to one intervention programme of 40 teaching sessions  with a pupil.

There is no time limit on when you can submit a portfolio for accreditation.

You should talk to you child’s class teacher and enquire if there are any Maths Recovery teachers in school or the Local Authority.

Reference to the research paper for Cumbria, Wigan etc

There is a collection of video clips on the members area of the website and links to more video clips on YouTube. The videos we use on training courses are not available.

Log into your account. Go to the profile tab and click on change password. Enter your new password and then confirm it.

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