Christine Porter

Christine Porter

Chris is currently the Treasurer of the Mathematics Recovery Council UK and Ireland and has been an active member of the Maths Recovery community for the past 20 years.  Chris has organised conferences across the UK and has presented at conference in the UK, Ireland, and the USA.  Chris travelled with colleagues to Australia to work with Bob Wright and co-authors on the’ Teaching number in the classroom’. Chris has extensive experience as a primary school teacher and supported schools across Salford as a Numeracy consultant to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. As a Maths Recovery consultant Chris has provided professional development for teachers across the UK and Ireland and internationally.

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Welcome to the new Maths Recovery website.

Thank you to @Collab_LR and @NAMA_UK for a great #cpdsaturday with @watanabeKSU exploring #TTP. Rich discussion face to face for a change… @geoffwake1 @RuthTrundley @mattlewis73 @AccomplishEdu @ProfSmudge @mikeaskew26

Treat your class to some lovely new puppets - THEY’RE CURRENTLY HALF PRICE!

Puppets are great learning resources, use them to:

🌟Bring your story telling to life
🌟Help children with counting
🌟Help children to understand school expectations and reinforce behaviour policies

1. Use 7,3 to make 2-dig numbers. Find the diff. between them. M

2. Try 6,2. What do you notice?

3. Try some more. Reorganise the results.

4. What’s changing, what’s stays the same? Why?

Teaching through problem solving with @watanabeKSU at @Collab_LR @NAMA_UK

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