Developing Number Knowledge Assessment, Teaching and Intervention with 7-11 year olds

Wednesday February 1, 2023

Courses Venue: TBA

The four-day training course for classroom teachers builds on the two-day course and is based around the text ‘Developing Number Knowledge for 7-to-11-year olds’, Robert J Wright, David Ellemor-Collins, Pamela D Tabor (Sage 2011).

Drawing on extensive programs of research, curriculum development, and teacher development, this course offers a coherent, up-to-date approach emphasizing computational fluency and the progressive development of students’ mathematical sophistication. It is organized in key domains of number instruction, including structuring numbers 1 to 20, knowledge of number words and numerals, conceptual place value, mental computation and written computation methods.

Training takes place over two sessions. An initial two days is followed by a further two days. Delegates will need access to a videorecorder (and playback facilities) as assessment and teaching sessions are routinely filmed during gap tasks.

Training can be booked by groups of schools or local authorities to share costs and to make up the minimum number of 15, maximum 20 people. The cost of the four day training is £550 per person.

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