Lynda Stewart

Lynda Stewart

Lynda graduated with a BSc (Distinction) in Applied Chemistry and spent nearly 20 years in industry before qualifying as a primary school teacher, with a PGDE Primary (Merit in teaching), in 2006. After attending Maths Recovery training, she continued her Maths Recovery journey to become an accredited Maths Recovery Teacher and then a Trainer, in 2019. She had the opportunity to share her journey at the National Maths Recovery Conference, in Edinburgh. Since then, Lynda has had considerable experience in delivering training across Scotland. She is currently a member of the Maths Recovery Executive Committee and is also a Trustee of the Maths Recovery Council UK and Ireland.

Lynda had the opportunity to work as a Principal Teacher of Numeracy, for 2 years, with the Forth Valley and West Lothian (FVWL) Regional Improvement Collaborative.
She currently works across 2 schools in West Lothian, as a Numeracy Development Lead. This includes the training, supporting and mentoring of practitioners and support staff to ensure a shared understanding and consistent approach in the Teaching and Learning of Numeracy/Maths.

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