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Newsletter 2008

Birmingham's success in Maths Recovery

Birmingham recently took part in a research project as part of the ECC (Every Child Counts) Programme. Ten teachers and two consultants were trained in Maths Recovery Assessment and Teaching over a period of five months by Maths Recovery Consultant Joan McCarthy. Joan recently retired from Wigan Authority and now works as an independent consultant.

The teachers/assistant heads chosen to lead the research were from differing schools covering a wide spectrum in the authority. The two consultants were also from different educational services. Denise Harris is a Numeracy consultant and early years practitioner and Narinder Palmer is a trainer for Pupil and School Support.

Forty-seven underachieving pupils received one-to-one tuition for half hour sessions over a period of nine weeks. Some received 5 sessions per week and others three sessions per week.

Results from the research were extremely positive. Nearly all the pupils made measurable progress and some progressed a full NC level, surprising their Y2 class teachers when they managed to achieve level 2 in their end of KS2 SATS. All twelve MR candidates were accredited at the end of training and so it is congratulations to them all!

Pictured below are the teachers on their last day of training at the Martineau Education Centre in Birmingham.

From left to right - back row:
Denise Harris, Narinder Palmer, Karen Spinks, Marie Knipe, Alison Ryder, Lesley Geoghegan, Annette Dailly, Sharron Pemberton

From left to right - bottom row:
Barbara Dunscombe, Justine Baker, Joan McCarthy, Jo Kennett, Shabnam Nassa

Picture below shows Chris Olley, head of school effectiveness, visiting Assistant Head, Lesley Geoghegan, at Somerville Primary School in Birmingham. Lesley was pleased to show the room that had been provided for pupils to study in a one to one early intervention setting. ECC provided schools with maths resources for the teaching.

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