Math Recovery Research White Paper 2014

White paper by: US Math Recovery® Council

Math Recovery® Overview:
An elementary school implementation of an early intervention program to identify and service of low attaining mathematics students.

by: Christina Miller, Director of Programming
With contributions from:
Robert Wright, Ph.D., Southern Cross University Australia, Developer of the Math Recovery® Program
Ann Stafford, founder of US Math Recovery® Council
Pamela Tabor, Ph.D., member of inaugural US Math Recovery® Board of  Directors

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Welcome to the new Maths Recovery website.

Thank you to @Collab_LR and @NAMA_UK for a great #cpdsaturday with @watanabeKSU exploring #TTP. Rich discussion face to face for a change… @geoffwake1 @RuthTrundley @mattlewis73 @AccomplishEdu @ProfSmudge @mikeaskew26

Treat your class to some lovely new puppets - THEY’RE CURRENTLY HALF PRICE!

Puppets are great learning resources, use them to:

🌟Bring your story telling to life
🌟Help children with counting
🌟Help children to understand school expectations and reinforce behaviour policies

1. Use 7,3 to make 2-dig numbers. Find the diff. between them. M

2. Try 6,2. What do you notice?

3. Try some more. Reorganise the results.

4. What’s changing, what’s stays the same? Why?

Teaching through problem solving with @watanabeKSU at @Collab_LR @NAMA_UK

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