Developing pedagogical tools for intervention: Approach, methodology, and an experimental framework

An article by Wright, Ellemor-Collins and Lewis, describing research to develop instructional materials and approaches with low-attaining pupils in the Australian context, drawing on the Maths Recovery principles, frameworks and activities.

This paper reports on a project aimed at developing pedagogical tools for intervention in the number learning of low-attaining 3rd- and 4th-graders. Approaches to instructional design and intervention are described, and the use of the design research methodology is outlined. A major outcome of the project – an experimental framework for instruction is described. The framework consists of five aspects: number words and numerals, structuring numbers to 20, conceptual place value, addition and subtraction to 100, and early multiplication and division. The descriptions of aspects include a discussion of low-attaining students’ knowledge and difficulties, and details of instructional approaches developed in the project.

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